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Welcome to my Blog!

Brief Bio

Jianfeng Chen is a Ph.D. Candidate of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His research spans software analysis, automated software configurations and software management data privatizations. He currently focuses on exploring agile software testing algorithms under continuous integration development environments.

Jianfeng received B.Eng. of Computer Science from Shandong University in 2014. Besides his research area of software analysis, his interest also lies in machine learning, especially spectral learning. He acquired his first programming language – QBasic in 2001. To know more about his information, projects or publications, please go to his homepage.

This Blog

Some of my friends keep asking me what I am doing in recent years. My answer is always the “exploring Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering synergies”. When it comes to automated software engineering, machine learning, etc., they might be puzzled. Some of them even challenge me “are you trying to kill our (programmer’s) jobs?!” This blog is trying to detail my research focus and answer these questions.

This blog is not excerpting keynotes from my publications or research proposals. Instead, it discloses the ideas, inspirations and discoveries during my research or daily reading, including, but not limited to

  • step by step visualization of my papers
  • failure experiments not shown in my papers
  • developing/analyzing tools I think it helpful or of great interest
  • open questions
  • my opinions to some new techniques.

I might repost wonderful articles in this blog. Non-technical, i.e. lifestyle, articles might be included as well (distinguishable by Categories tags).


I am very happy to discuss or answer any questions. Best way to contact me is via Email. You are also welcomed to follow my Social Media!